• Five Tips For Kettlebell Training

Five Tips For Kettlebell Training

1. Use the right technique. The first step in ensuring you can safely train with kettlebells is making sure you are using the correct technique. This not only reduces the risk of injury, but will help you work out more effectively during your sessions.

2. Train with an experienced kettlebell trainer. This is particularly important for beginners. Having an experienced trainer on hard will help eliminate any bad habits in technique and ensure the exercises you are performing are beneficial and relevant.

3. Embrace full body dynamic exercises. These full body exercises train and develop leg power, core and shoulder stability - key areas for almost every sport and basic everyday movements

4. Train consistently. To nail proper kettlebell technique and see the benefits, consistent practice and training is required. The beauty of kettlebells is that you don't need a gym, you only need a small space to train in, making it easy to train at home.

5. Start off with a low weight. When you first start training, choose a weight that you can overhead press with good form and technique to ensure you are performing the right technique.

Kettlebell Training Tips