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5 Ideas for Holiday Games

Get the most out of your break by giving some thought to how you can keep the family active and entertained. Whether you have big or small holiday plans, try some of our game ideas!

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Value of Sport – A Summary

Whether playing, watching or teaching sport - there’s no question it’s at the heart of our national identity. The study on physical activity and sport by Sport New Zealand found that being physically active creates happier, healthier people, better connected communities and a stronger economy.

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New Catalogue Out Now

As HART rolls into the New Year we are excited to release our new catalogue for 2018! This year’s catalogue is bigger and better than ever, showcasing our great range of products for Sport, Coaching, Fitness, Active Play and Teamwear. 

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Starting Block Technique

From little athletics to elite runners, a block start is critical for a successful race. The easiest way to teach a starting block setup is the 1-2-3 rule. But what is the 1-2-3 rule?

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Choosing a High Jump Mat

Provide long lasting performance for your club this season! Our range of Cut Out, Fosbury Flop and Scissor high jump mats are Australian made for durable and safe use. No matter what age group or level of competition, find the high jump mat to suit your club or school’s needs!

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How To Choose a Resistance Band

Resistance bands, tubes and loops are excellent multi-purpose tools that can be used for anything including strength training, stretching or rehabilitation. Have a read of our overview of resistance products and follow our easy guide to pick which is right for you.

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Not Just Batting and Fielding

Strength and conditioning training is an important part of any serious athletes routine in order to condition the body for the rigours of gameday and also help prevent injury. We take a look at the equipment Cricketers use away from the field to prepare them for the weekend.

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Benefits Of The Power Bag

With the ability to be used in dynamic or static exercises, as well as using multiple muscle groups or isolating muscles, the Power Bag can add variety and intensity to your training program.

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Why Is Weight Training Good For Me

The benefits of weight training (also known as resistance or strength training) are well documented, and ongoing research continues to support the value of resistance exercise when performed consistently in conjunction with a healthy diet.

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