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At HART Sport we have a range of different weight bars of different shapes and sizes. Lighter bars are ideal for beginners while progressing through to 20kg bar as the standard bar.

Olympic Curl Bars allow you to use different grips during your workout with the added convenience of using the same size plates as your barbells. Olympic Dumbbell handles allows you to expand your options with what weight you wish to lift. You don’t need to worry about what dumbbells are available, use your Olympic plate weights to pick whatever weight you want!

Bushings and Bearings are what allows the plates to spin without the whole bar spinning during your lift. Brass Bushings are a small piece of metal placed between the bar and the sleeve to reduce friction. Brass Bushings are durable but remain budget conscious. Thrust bearings use needle bearings between the bar and sleeve to allow the sleeve to move with minimal friction. These provide a smoother rotation than brass bushings.

Collars allow you to safely keep your weights on your bar. Traditional spring collars are specifically designed for HART Olympic bars. Stop struggling to get your collar on or off the bar with the easy lock Olympic collar.

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